David Dahlgren


David Dahlgren founded Gladsheim Fastigheter in 2018. Mr Dahlgren was formerly the CEO of listed real estate company Amasten Fastighets AB (publ), 2014-2017. He has been active in the real estate sector for nearly 20 years. His previous positions include Nordic CEO for the Tavistock Group, where he was responsible for investments in and management of properties in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The portfolio included almost 200 properties with a total value of SEK 6 billion. His professional history also includes positions with Aberdeen Standard and an investment bank.

Per Grundström


Per Grundström has great experience and a solid knowledge of residential real estate and financing as well as the corporate finance industry. Per has, at his most recent employment with the real estate company Hembla, worked with financing, transactions, financial reporting and business development.

Fredrik Hilmander

Head of Property Management

Fredrik Hilmander has more than 20 years’ experience in property management. Mr Hilmander’s previous professional history is in management and development of commercial properties, residential properties, offices, marketplaces, small shopping centres and public buildings. Former positions include property manager at ByggVesta, area manager at Amasten and business area manager at Castellum. With his previous experience, Mr Hilmander has acquired expertise in many different aspects of property management. He is driven by the ambition to develop sustainable properties in terms of quality as well as promoting social and environmental sustainability.

Roger Granath

Project Manager

Project Manager Roger Granath has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and is in charge of all building and renovation projects at Gladsheim. Mr Granath has previously worked for most of the major property owners in Sweden and has solid experience with project management in the industry. He has also run his own business in the sector. Prior to joining Gladsheim, he was a project manager with Ekensberg Byggnads AB, where he worked with contracts and tenders.

Board of directors

Carl-Viggo Östlund

Director and Chairman

Mr Östlund has long-standing experience gained from leadership and board service in his roles as chairman and director of several listed and unlisted companies in the financial services and insurance sectors He also has solid operational experience as the CEO of SBAB and Nordnet, as well as in sectors including insurance and logistics, as well as many years with the Tetra-Pak Group.

David Dahlgren


David Dahlgren has nearly 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector. He was formerly the CEO of Amasten Fastighets AB (publ), which grew from SEK 300 million to SEK 3 billion during his tenure as CEO from 2014 to 2017. Mr Dahlgren is the former Nordic CEO for the Tavistock Group, where he built up a portfolio worth SEK 6 billion in Sweden, Finland and Norway in 2006-2013. His professional history also includes positions with Aberdeen Standard and an investment bank.

Magnus Hagerborn


Magnus Hagerborn has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial sector. At present, he is the CEO of AB Gylling & Co and a director of MSE Holding AB and Mantex AB. Mr Hagerborn’s previous positions include CFO for Informed Portfolio Management AB, Holtback & Partners Asset Management and ABG Sundal Collier Stockholm and CEO of Allba Holding AB.

Magnus Oscarsson


Magnus Oscarsson has more than 30 years’ experience in the banking and financial sector. He is currently founder and CEO of Oscarsson och Engman Capital AB. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Holtback och Partners Asset Management, CEO of Julius Bear Nordic, partner and director of ABG Securities AB and head of the equity division of Erik Penser Bank. Mr Oscarsson has worked with institutional sales since 1989, directed at clients based in the Nordics, Europe and the United States.

Mikael Larsson


Mikael Larsson is the founder and majority shareholder of Coeli Group. He is a member of all subsidiary management teams within the Coeli Group and an active contributor to the development of Coeli’s operations, with particular focus on developing Coeli’s real estate products. Prior to founding Coeli in 1994, Mr Larsson held positions with various insurance companies in Sweden.