Financial information

Background and business concept

Gladsheim Fastigheter, which was founded in 2018, is a real estate company that mainly manages and refines rental housing properties in medium-sized Swedish towns that are situated within commuting distances to university and regional cities. The company’s first properties were acquired in the spring of 2019 and since then the property portfolio has increased so that it includes over 3 000 apartments.  Gladsheim is always actively working on new acquisition opportunities with the aim to grow. Gladsheim being a long-term real estate company with an integrated sustainability thinking.

Many of the larger real estate companies concentrate their portfolios in the metropolitan regions. This creates an opportunity for Gladsheim to focus on the medium-sized towns and the adjacent university towns, and in the long term thus being able to become the leading player in a segment with strong cash flows and good value-add opportunities. Since there is a structural shortage of apartments all around the country, and the demand for modern and renovated apartments is very high, Gladsheim is in a very good market position to create strong risk-adjusted returns.

Operational business model

Gladsheims business model includes that we continuously carry out renovations of the apartments whenever an existing tenant is moving out. These renovations lead to increased revenues and increased property value. Through the renovations, which we integrate with energy saving measures and social investments, we create a better and more mixed range of rental apartments, including attractive environments, within our existing real estate portfolio. The renovations gives us an opportunity to offer our tenants a better product at the same time it creates good profitability for our shareholders and leads to a more sustainable society.

With Gladsheim’s model, we offer our tenants pleasant accommodation and good profitability for the company at the same time. Profitability is a prerequisite for both long-term operations and sustainability.

Energy improvements, improved social environment and security, as well as internal requirements in line with listed company standards, are the three main parts of Gladsheim’s sustainability work.

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