Gladsheim is a real estate company focusing on rental housing. Gladsheim acquires, manages and refines rental housing in medium-sized Swedish cities, regional capitals and university cities. The name Gladsheim comes from the Old Norse mythology and means ”bright home”, which illustrates our ambition to provide pleasant apartments for our tenants. We focus on sustainable and long-term development through long-term ownership.

Gladsheim Fastigheter was founded in 2018. The founders of the company are David Dahlgren and Fredrik Gynnerstedt. Today, the company has properties in several locations which we have chosen to divide into three regions: Mälardalen, Östergötland and West. In Mälardalen we have properties in Arboga, Eskilstuna, Karlskoga and Kungsör. In Östergötland we have prpoerties in Finspång and Norrköping. In the West region we have properties in Skara, Skövde, Tibro and Töreboda. Our ambition is to continue to acquire new properties and continuously improve the portfolio through renovations. Through our renovations we want to create attractive housing and offer our tenants a pleasant and safe accommodation. That we also upgrade the properties from an ecological perspective goes without saying since sustainability is a core value for us.